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Monday, May 4, 2015

Pavtube Upgraded News for All Mac Users

Surprised news for everyone! The famous video studio Pavtube has announced that all its’ Mac products have been upgraded to version, which can bring us more functional items. Before that, all Windows products have been already done well. As the best H.265/HEVC decoder and encoder, Pavtube can help you a lot more.

New features of Mac version
  • Supported to decode/encode the H.265/HEVC codec
  • Fix the XAVC MXF codec importing issues
  • Optimize coding parameters
  • Fix some bugs

Five upgraded Mac products are listed below:
5.Pavtube iMixMXF

Download sites:

Big Discount! From May 4th to May 6th, all of us can enjoy 40% or 50% discount of each one from the Facebook website! What are you waiting for?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Edit 4K XAVC Footage with No Rendering in NLEs

Editing or playing with 4K videos is no longer a pie in the sky. With the output recordings encoded by 4K XAVC for Sony FDR-AX1, we are glad to enjoy the 4K videos after edited in NLEs without rendering. In this article, we can get some XAVC tips on editing our 4K XAVC footage nicely.

The FDR-AX1 records 150Mb/s and for 1920x1080 at 60p you'll get 50Mb/s. But the editing workflow on Mac with AX1 4K XAVC S files is not so fluent. You may encounter problems when you want to import Sony AX1 XAVC S files to some hot editing tools or transcode XAVC to common formats on Windows/Mac, such as AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc. or due to the high definition we can enjoy, someone would like to watch 4K XAVC on HDTV, right? Frankly speaking, that’s the main point we are talking in the following article.

How to edit our 4K XAVC recordings in NLEs with no rendering?
In order to edit Sony AX1 or other output 4K XAVC S clips in NLEs without crashing problem and avoid rendering, we here strongly introduce you the Pavtube Video Converter for Windows/Mac, which we also called a professional XAVC video converter to solving some XAVC incompatible issues. The reason why it has a good reputation among our users is it has the various output items for NLEs such as FCP, Avid MC, Premiere Pro, iMovie, etc. Do you wanna a try?

Show you how to transcod 4K XAVC files without rendering here:
Step 1. Free download and install 4K video converter Mac version, you can run this program on Mac OS operation systems. Open the main interface and tap the ‘Add videos’ and ‘Add from folder’ to let them in.

Step 2.  After you imported the 4K files, please click format column to choose output video format you need, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, etc. just choose according to your need. Especially for those hot NLEs, we suggest you to drop down the output list to find the individual ones. For example: ‘Final Cut Pro”>>’Apple ProRes codec 422 (*.mov)’.(FCP supported video formats) Others you can easily find them there.

Step 3. To preserve the high quality after conversion? After you selected the video format, you can click settings button to adjust the output parameters, such as adjust the resolution to 1920*1080, or choose original 4K resolution for output; adjust the bitrates can control the output video’s quality, you can adjust it to 2000-5000 kbps.

Conclusion: When your 4K files are converted, you can open the output folder and get the videos that you need. After transferring files into NLEs, such as FCP, it’s your time to edit the files with your own style. Just enjoy it! 


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Top-ranked XAVC/XAVC S Video Converter Review + Guide

In the following page, there is a detailed introduction of top-ranked XAVC/XAVC S video converter review and a guide on how to work it well.

Let’s come to the main topic directly! Today in this page, we would like to introduce you a nice XAVC/XAVC S video converter for you, which has the strong ability of handling the HD XAVC and XAVC S formats for other editing tools such like FCPiMoviePremiere, etc. Cause the XAVC format is not so suitable for those apps we would like to work with no matter for media players and editing apps. So it is necessary for us to make some changes, right?

Top Role: Pavtube XAVC Video Converter for Windows/Mac
This kind of XAVC or XAVC S converter is an all-in-one media conversion program that can almost handle all videos nicely here. With Pavtube Video Converter for Mac, you’ll have free access to watching SD videos (e.g. YouTube FLV/F4V, MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV, etc), digital camcorder recordings (e.g. MXF, MTS AVCHD, MOV, MP4, MVI, etc), DVR videos (Tivo), audio files (e.g. MP3, MP2, WMA, FLAC) on devices such as Apple/Android/Windows series, media players, game consoles, etc

Want more? Here are some main features you may not know better:
  • 1.Support almost all HD/SD video or audio formats
  • 2.Various editing tools or media players for output
  • 3.Powerful editing functions we can do a simple dispose
  • 4.Batch video clips conversion supported
  • 5.Detailed settings for video and audio output
  • 6.6X faster conversion speed to save much time of waiting.

Guide on how to work this XAVC/XAVC S Video Converter (Mac version as the example):


Download and install this program according to its instructions, when the main interface pops up there, you can drag your files directly in or with two buttons on the left corner. ‘Add video’ and ‘Add from folder’ can both help you out in that way.

Then come to the output list, you will be surprise with so many different output choices here. No matter for editing tools, media players, or handle devices. You can find all there. Only for some common videos? Could find the ‘Common videos’ there? Such as the MP4, MOV, MKV, etc we can choose as our favorite there. Like the following screen shot showed for you.

Before we start our conversion, why not take around the ‘Edit’ button on the main interface. This is the reason why we also call this program as ‘Tiny Editor’. Here, we can decide our video length by ‘Trim’, get rid of the unwanted edges by ‘Crop’, or something else interesting. You won’t be disappointed here.

Back to the main interface, you must see the big red button called ‘Convert’. Hit it and then we can finish our preparation work. Such an easy operation for us to handle with, right? For other more guides about XAVC or XAVC S files, we can take a reference below.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ways of Changing XAVC to MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4 on Windows/Mac

In order to make XAVC videos files accepted by most editors orplayers, sometimes, we need to change XAVC into other compatible formats with professional converters.

XAVC-a kind of popular format in our modern life

We all know that XAVC is the newest compression codec released by Sony to keep up with new technology in video and film production. Due to its superiority, more and more manufacturers have already make plans for support the XAVC format and workflow so XAVC has been appeared frequently in many programs.


Recognize XAVC and How to Open XAVC on Windows/Mac

Reasons of converting XAVC files to MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4

MPEG-1, as we all know, it’s a standard which is published as ISO. MPEG-2, it is designed to distributed in DVD and similar discs. It is used in most digital television and DVDs. Gradually, MPEG-4 is coming which has improved coding efficiency over MPEG-2. It is supported by Nero Digital, DixX, QuickTime or other high-definition video media. Therefore, if we wanna enjoy captured footage on Windows/Mac, we should convert Sony XAVC to MPEG.

Pavtube HD Video Converter for Win/Mac-a nice assistant for help.

It is unnecessary if you are still confused in specific ways of changing XAVC into MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4. Here we can introduce a converting tool with strong superiority called Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac/Windows. It not only can offer you the method to convert XAVC to MPEG, but also can provide many other formats for you. Besides, some other items you may like too. Such as Merge, Split and Select Subtitles and Audio Track. For more introductions about it

Some specific steps of converting XAVC Video Converter are listed below:

First, import XAVC files you want to convert.

Second, choose correct format. Click Format Bar>>Common Video>>MPEG-1 Video(*.mpg)/MPEG-2 Video(*.mpg)/MPEG-4 Video

Third, In the Profile Settings window, you can choose or specify exactly the parameters you like. And in the Task information section, you can compare the detailed information of the source video and the target video.

Forth, just click the ‘Convert’ button is OK.


After succeed in converting XAVC to MPEG with Video Converter, you’ll have no worries about the satiation that we can’t play on edit XAVC file on Windows or Mac. What are you waiting for?

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Work with Sony F55 XAVC in FCP/iMovie Does Adobe Premiere adds Sony F55/F5 4K XAVC support?
Possible to Convert XAVC Videos to MP4/MOV/AVI/WMV/M4V/MPG

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sony AX1 4K files in FCE - Convert/Import Sony AX1 4K XAVC S to FCE 4 with AIC mov format

Summary: This guide provides a Sony AX1 4K files and FCE workflow: How to transcode Sony AX1 4K XAVC S videos to work in Final Cut Express (4). 

Introducing the peerless FDR-AX1 Handycam with professional-caliber XLR mic input and unparalleled image quality. Breaking ground by incorporating new-paradigm 4K/60p video recording and output in an incredibly user-friendly form. Ready to capture the imaginations and eyes of even the most discerning videographers.

Advancing to the next world of 4K video recording

The FDR-AX1, the first 4K* resolution Handycam, features a blazingly fast image processor identical to those included in Sony models for professional use. Because the camera can record 4K*/60 fps movies at its full resolution, even images shot while planning or when subjects were moving look extraordinarily smooth, sharp and true to life in playback.

* 3820 x 2160 pixels

XAVC S consumer-use 4K/HD recording format

The AX1 records 4K/HD movies in the XAVC S format, which was developed for consumer use based on the XAVC 4K/HD format suited for professional use. To extend the hours of 4K video capture capacity, XAVC S employs the Long GOP codec of H.264/AVC for video file compression. Moreover, the MP4 container format simplifies the handling of 4K video.

High-quality 50 Mbps HD recording

The XAVC S can record high-quality images at 50 Mbps even during Full HD (1920 x 1080) recording.

4K Workflow for getting Sony FDR-AX1 XAVC S to work with FCE 4

I am looking for a XAVC S Video Converter for our company and have tried several video converters today. Unfortunately I was not successful... The tested file can be played in the CONTENT BROSER (SONY) without problem and the import into FCE 4 was also successful. XAVC S videos are from Sony FDR-AX1 btw. Have you any idea?!

What if we want to import XAVC S FCE (4) and more? A recommended solution is to convert Sony XAVC S file to iMovie native AIC .mov format! The following article will introduce a step by step guide on how to encode Sony FDR-AX1 XAVC S video to FCE 4 with high output video quality.

Free Download Pavtube XAVC S Video Converter for Mac, install and launch it.

Click "Add Video" icon and load source media into this application.

From Format list, choose "iMovie and Final Cut Express -> Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) (*.MOV)" for getting FCE optimized video format.


If you want to optimize the video and audio parameters, you can set in "Settings". File size, bitrate, frame rate can be adjusted here.

If you have finished the above steps, please click the button "Convert" at the lower right corner to start converting Sony AX1 4K XAVC S to AIC MOV for Final Cut Express (4).

After a while, you can get the generated files from the destination folder. Once you get the converted MOV file, you can import it to FCE 4.

This time, you can edit your Sony AX1  4K XAVC S videos in Final Cut Express(4) with ease. OK, When you have trouble getting Sony FDR-AX1 4K XAVC S video footages in FCE 4, refer to this tutorial.

Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac can also convert Sony AX1 4K XAVC S files to FCP, QuickTime, Avid Media Composer, Avid Xpress Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve or Apple Aperture 3 compatible video format for editing.
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