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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How-To: Rip DVD to Nexus 10 Tablet for Playback Smoothly via Pavtube DVDAid

Simple guide for ripping and putting DVD movies (DVD ISO) onto Google Nexus 10 so that you can enjoy your favorite DVD movies on Nexus 10 anywhere. 

How to do the DVD to Nexus 10 ripping 

"Hello, I recently purchased a Nexus 10 and wanna back up my favorite DVD movies including some DVD ISO image files on it. It's really a nice tablet for video playback and I can find no guide to tell how to do the DVD to Nexus 10 ripping. What do you recommend if I'd love to put couple of DVD movies (DVD ISO) on my Nexus 10 tablet? Can anyone help?" 

Easier and more convenience than laptop or DVD player to be taken around, however, Nexus 10 is still not equipped with DVD drive while it has strict video formats limitations. Therefore, you may not be able to enjoy your favorite DVD movies (DVD ISO) on it. That seems a little pity. Here I will give you a relatively easy solution for ripping DVD (DVD ISO) to Nexus 10 tablet. 

Why You Need to Rip DVD Video to Nexus 10 

1. DVD Video is in VOB format and Nexus 10 cannot play it 
2. Many DVDs are protected 

That's why you need to pick up a DVD ripping software to assist you to remove DVD protections and put your precious DVD movies to Nexus 10 in case you have some long journeys and want to watch them in the airport waiting on your flight. 

Assistant for watching my DVD (DVD ISO) on Nexus 10 

The best program I can recommend for transferring DVD (DVD ISO) to Nexus 10 is Pavtube DVDAid which can be my assistant for watching my DVD (DVD ISO) on Nexus 10. I chose Pavtube because the interface was very clear and the whole process seemed very straight- forward. It does a great job in ripping my DVD movies no matter from DVD discs, DVD movie folders, or DVD IFO/ISO image files to a common video for my Nexus 10. Now just download it and follow the tutorial below to learn how to copy DVD movies (DVD ISO) to Nexus 10 with best video quality. 

To bring more convenience to all Nexus 10 users, I will make a brief share with all of you. 

Preparations for DVD to Nexus 10 Backup: 

1. DVD disc or DVD ISO files ready for backup
2. Pavtube DVDAid

How to Rip DVD (DVD ISO) for Nexus 10 

Step 1: Insert your DVD disc to computer's DVD-ROM and click Pavtube DVDAid to start to run the program. Import DVD movies. 

Note: ISO file and DVD folder can be added too. You can preview loaded movies on the right viewing window and take snapshots of your favorite scene

Step 2: Click the “Format” bar, and choose “Google Nexus 10 H.264 Video (*.mp4) under “Android” column to get compatible format for ripping DVD/DVD ISO to Google Nexus 10 acceptable videos.

Note: If you like, you can customize video and audio parameters to change aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel, etc. 

Step 3: Begin the DVD/DVD ISO to Nexus 10 ripping via pressing the button "Convert".

With step-by-step guide above, you can easily rip your DVD movies/DVD ISO to Nexus 10 with Pavtube DVDAid, which seems like a piece of cake even for fresh users. To get an excellent output quality at blazing speed with no difference compared to playing the discs themselves. 

In this way, you can successfully rip your favorite DVD (DVD ISO) to Nexus 10 for watching fast and easy. Enjoy!

(For Mac users, click to get Pavtube DVDAid for Mac)

Still have trouble about ripping DVD (DVD ISO) to Nexus 10? Please feel free to contact us now!
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

For Nexus Fans: Rip and Enjoy/Watch/Play DVD discs/movies on Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 (2013)

This step-by-step guide reveals how to rip and put your favorite DVD movies to Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 (2013) best video format keeping HD video quality for freely enjoyment on the go.

The second generation Google Nexus 7 tablet contiinues with the tradition of the first to offer great specs at cost, which ballooned the Android tablets market share, chipping away at the archrival's iPad domination. The 2013 iteration of the Nexus 7 comes with the record for a tablet 323ppi pixel density, quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 5 MP camera on the back, all for the low starting price of $230, cementing its place in the tablet hall of fame. Beautiful 1920×1200 HD resolution display. Updated hardware design makes it the perfect machine for watching videos, just like the old Nexus 7.

If you have a large DVD movie collection, it should be such a cool thing to enjoy them on Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 (2013) anytime and anywhere. In this article, I will share the way to get your DVD movies onto Neuxs 7 and Nexus 7 (2013) while keeping original high quality. To get the work done, you need to get some help from third-party softwares. Here, this professional DVD to Nexus Converter is just designed to help you convert DVD movies to Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 (2013) MP4 for playback. With its clean interface, fast converting speed and good video quality, converting DVDs to Nexus will be simply finished within a few clicks.

Download a trial version here. The Mac version is DVDAid for Mac.

FYI: If you want to keep all the audio tracks (language) and soft subtitles, here's another choice for you: Blu-ray/DVD Converter Pro.

3 Steps to Rip  DVD movies to Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 (2013) support video format

Step 1. Run this Top DVD Ripper, as the DVD to Nexus  Converter. Click "Load Disc" to load your DVD movies into it. 

Pavtube DVD Ripper will detect and list the main title (the full length of this movie) and check it by default. So just keep it untouched and let's move on to Step 2. 

Step 2. Select Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 (2013) compatible format.

Here we select MP4 with H.264 codec for Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 (2013). Click the Format drop-down list, and select “Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video (* mp4)" from "Android" category.

Tips: Customize video specs. (Optional)

Click "Settings" to free choose output video size, bitrate, frame rate and other specs. Remember the file size and video quality is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss.

According to my experience, for watching DVD movies on Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 (2013), 1080p with 1500~2500kbps is just all right.

Step 3. Start the DVD to Nexus conversion.

When everything is OK, just press the "Convert" button to start the DVD video to Nexus MP4 conversion. It will not take much time. Just wait for the conversion process to get done. After the conversion, you can click "Open output folder" to quick locate the converted video.

Once get the converted videos, just copy and dump them to Surface via USB. Then you are ready to play DVD movies on Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 (2013) freely.


If you are looking for a powerful all-in-one ultimate video converter software to convert various 1080p/720p videos, Blu-ray and DVD movies to your tablet or phone for enjoying, simultaneously saving time and effort, the Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate program will be a nice choice for you. If you are running a Mac OS X computer, iMedia Converter Mac is the alternative.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Witch: Celebrated with a Google Doodle

Halloween has been celebrated with a Google Doodle which lets you become a witch and create your own potion in her cauldron.

Today's interactive Google Doodle is Halloween themed and features a green-faced witch a long, pointed noise and straggly hair.

Today's interactive Google Doodle is Halloween themed and features a green-faced witch a long, pointed noise and straggly hair.

Google users are initially invited to click on the witch's spell book, before they are taken to a cave-like space where the witch is busy stirring her bubbling potion.

You are then able to choose between a number of ingredients – including a skull, apple, bone and a blue-coloured substance in a bottle – and throw them in the cauldron.

Throwing the items in creates a puff of smoke in which the witch disappears from view.

Google users are then taken to one of several mini games, including one in which you have to guess where a mummy is hiding among three coffins.

The name Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows' Even, or All Hallows' Evening. All Hallows is an old term for All Saints' Day.

Halloween seems to have grown around the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain, marking the end of the light half of the year and the beginning of the dark half.

Samhain was in part a sort of harvest festival, when the last crops were gathered in for the winter, and livestock killed and stored.

But the pagan Celts also believed it was a time when the walls between our world and the next became thin and porous, allowing spirits to pass through.

The practice of donning a scary costume may have stemmed from this belief, and the idea that dressing up as a ghost may have scared away other ghosts.

The classic Hallowe'en jack-o'-lantern, a carved grinning pumpkin, seems to have come from an old Irish legend of a man called Stingy Jack, a miserly farmer who played a trick on the devil and as punishment was cursed to wander the earth, lighting his way with a candle inside a hollowed-out turnip.

When the tradition moved to America pumpkins were used instead of turnips, as they were both more available and easier to carve.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amazon WMV Nexus 10: Play Amazon Instant Video on Nexus 10

If you have problems about playing Amazon Instant Video on your Nexus 10  tablet, you can check out the tutorial to Remove DRM from Amazon WMV and record Amazon Instant Video(.wmv) to your Nexus 10.
Have you purchased lots of WMV videos from Amazon store and want to put these Amazon Instant videos to your Google Nexus 10? As is known to everybody, the WMV videos purchased from Amazon store, including music, videos, movies, and TV show etc. are usually format type unsupported by the Google Nexus 10. The problem is, those WMV videos you downloaded from Amazon are protected (by DRM), and can't be played on any Android/Windows 8 tablet except for the Amazon Kindle Fire (HD). So if you would like to transfer Amazon WMV videos to Nexus 10 for playback, you have to remove DRM from Amazon Instant Video and convert/record it to Nexus 10 compatible formats.

Refer to Google Nexus 10 supported codecs
  • Video codec: H.263, MPEG-4 SP, H.264 AVC
  • Audio codec: AAC LC/LTP, HE-AACv1 (AAC+), HE-AACv2 (enhanced AAC+), AMR-NB, AMR-WB 9, MP3, MIDI SMF, Ogg Vorbis, WAV
To do it, Pavtube ChewTune is a great help. It is an all-in-one DRM Removal Program to help you convert/record Amazon WMV videos effortlessly to Nexus 10 supported MP4 format in high quality. After that, you can play your Amazon Instant Video(WMV) on Nexus 10 very smoothly. Now, let's start to convert and transfer Amazon WMV to Nexus 7. (Note: For the common WMV videos, Pavtube Video Converter is recommended to you).

The screen is undoubtedly one of the standout features of the Nexus 10. As the name suggests, it measures 10 inches on the diagonal but more importantly packs an astounding 2,560x1,600-pixel resolution. We were previously blown away by the pin-sharp display of the new iPad with its 2,048x1,536-pixel resolution. The Nexus 10 casually swans past that, to offer an even more refined viewing experience.

Now you want to put some Amazon Instant videos to the Google Nexus 10? Wait a minute. The Amazon Instant videos, though mainly .wmv format, are not supported by Google Nexus 10. The problem is, those WMV videos you downloaded from Amazon are protected (by DRM), and can't be played on any Android tablet except for the Amazon Kindle Fire. To get the Amazon WMV playable on Nexus 10, you'll have to remove the DRM protection first. 

The tools you need to transfer Amazon WMV movies to Nexus 10: A powerful Amazon WMV video DRM remove tool and a WMV to Nexus 10 converter. Pavtube ChewTune combines these two tools together and makes it possible to watch purchased DRM videos on Nexus 10.

Read more: Pavtube ChewTune Review - Free M4V/WMV videos from DRM protection

To convert videos to Google Nexus 10 with best settings, you can download profile patch for the software(Windows only).

Remove DRM protection off Amazon video and convert WMV to the Nexus 10 for playing

Step 1: Load Amazon WMV video files to Pavtube ChewTune.

Install and launch the Pavtube WMV to Nexus 10 Converter, then click the add button to load the WMV video files to the program.

Step 2: Choose H.264 codec format for the Google Nexus 10 playing.

Click "Format" and select an output format for the Google Nexus 10. Here I choose "Android -> Google Nexus 10 H.264 Video (*.mp4)".

Step 3: Optimize the settings for Amazon video to Nexus 10 conversion.

If you find the default settings may not satisfy your need, can click the "Settings" button to change the settings by yourself.

For Mac users, it is necessary to custom profile settings, since there's no profile patch for OS X. Similarly, you can choose Nexus 7 format and custom the profile for Nexus 10 by clicking "Settings" and set the recommended settings as it shows below:

  • Codec: h264
  • Size (pix): 1920*1080
  • Bitrate (kbps): 2000
  • Frame Rate (fps): original

  • Codec: aac
  • Sample Rate (hz): 44100
  • Bitrate (bps): 128000
  • Channels: Stereo
Step 4: Convert Amazon video to Nexus 10 video format.

Having finished the settings? OK, just click the convert button and start to convert Amazon video to Google Nexus 10 format with ease.

When the conversion task is finished, you can click "Open" button to get the final output files for your Google Nexus 10 and transfer the converted videos to Google Nexus 10.

If you have music and videos to watch on the tablet, here's a guide for copying local videos to Google Nexus 10.

Transferring videos and music from PC to Nexus 10?

1. Use the USB cable that came with your 16 GB or 32 GB Nexus 10 to connect the tablet to your PC, and you'll receive a notification that the USB is connected.

2. Open the Notifications panel and touch USB connected. Then touch Turn on USB storage in the screen that opens to confirm that you want to transfer files. The Nexus 10 tablet is connected as USB storage, and the screen will indicate that USB storage is in use and you receive a notification. The Nexus 10 is mounted as a drive on your computer.

3. You can now copy videos from PC to the Google Nexus 10. During this time, you can't access the SD card from your Nexus 10 or share your tablet's data connection with your computer via USB.

4. When the videos are copied to the 16 GB/32 GB Nexus 10, you can disconnect your Nexus tablet from PC.

Like the Nexus 7, it does not include an SD card slot for additional storage, so you may need a Video Converter to compress very big file to smaller file size. (Learn more on Nexus 7 Column)

Tips: MKV, MOV, TS, MPG, Tivo, FLV, F4V and some AVI videos are not accepted formats and you have to convert them to Nexus 10 optimized H.264 .mp4 videos before downloading them to the device.

Good news! Pavtube is offering Money-saving Tips, Up to 35% Off, Saving Up to $35. such as:

Plus, Like Pavtube on Facebook and you would get Free DVD Ripper, DVD Ripper for Mac, Video DVD Converter Ultimate! 

If you have any problem to buy or use Pavtube, pls feel free to contact (for windows user), (for Mac users).

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Convert DVD VOB to new Nexus 7 Android 4.3 tablet on Windwos and Mac

You may always have the problem in playing VOB files with new Nexus 7. That is because of the bad compatibility to new Nexus 7. Want to watch DVD VOB files on your new Nexus 7? The article will show you different solutions. 

Nexus 7 2nd Gen, developed by Google and Asus, is powered by Android 4.1 and features  7 inches IPS LCD, 1280*800 px, LED backlit, scratch-resistant glass and16 GB flash memory. Besides surfing the Internet, playing games and reading E-books, watching HD movies on the HD display of Nexus 7 may be one of the most wonderful ways to rich your leisure life. However, when you come to play DVD movie files in VOB format, you may find that new Nexus 7 cannot play VOB files well.

In fact, VOB is the container format in DVD-Video media. VOB can contain digital video, digital audio, subtitles, DVD menus and navigation contents multiplexed together into a stream form. And Nexus 7 supports H.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4, VP8. VOB format is not included. If you want to play VOB files well on new Nexus 7, there are two different ways.

Method 1. Install a powerful video player for new Nexus 7: MX Player
You can choose to install a powerful video player like MX Player, supports almost all video file types, from Google Play or Amazon Apps. It will use it its own internals to play the video and relies on the main processor of the Nexus 7 for playing the video. 

It will take more battery power and playback greatly depends on the file size of videos, especially for HD video files. The processor of Nexus 7 has to do a mass of works for larger videos. In this way, you will probably brought into the issue like stuttering video, freezing video, audio sync issues or even playback in slow-motion.

Method 2. Convert VOB to MP4 for new Nexus 7

It is the quick and effective way, but you need to find third-party software to help you. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is recommended because it is the easy-to-use and user-friendly software with powerful functions. It is the all-in-one software: the superfast conversion speed, high quality of output videos, powerful conversion for various videos, DVD and blu-ray, powerful editing and so on. Download it and experience what it can do for you. Now let’s move to how to convert VOB to MP4 for Nexus 7.

Note: If you are running Mac OS, iMedia Converter for Mac is made for you.

Good new for new Nexus 7 users: Pavtube Back to School Promotion is coming! You can get 20% off Video Converter Ultimate, 20% iMedia Converter for Mac, 30% off Blu-ray Ripper for Windows/Mac, 50% off DVD Creator for Windows/Mac, Free DVD Ripper for Windows/Mac and Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate.

1. Import DVD VOB source file.
Click “Add video” button to locate and import it to the software. Or you can browse your computer to find the DVD VOB files and drag and drop it directly, in this way, you can import multiple files at one time. And you can preview the whole videos once imported.

2. Choose MP4 format for new Nexus 7.

Click “Format” menu and go through the dropdown list, press Android option to choose “Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video (*.mp4)” for output. It is the best video format for Nexus 7 playback.

Tips: Parameters for output video and audio can be adjusted. If you want to optimize the parameters like codec, resolution, bitrate, channels, etc, you can click “Settings” button on the interface to check and change them.

3. Convert DVD VOB to new Nexus 7.

Finally you can “Browse” your computer to locate the folder for output videos. When everything is ready, you can click “Convert” button to start conversion. It converts using all cores and supports CUDA acceleration. So it won’t take much time for converting VOB to new Nexus 7. “Open” button will help you to locate the output files quickly.

Once it is done, copy the generated MP4 file to your Nexus 7 and then you can watch it anywhere.

Tips for new Nexus 7 file transfer:

Get the USB cable to connect your new Nexus 7 to PC computer. When the connection is set up and the driver installations are over, you can drag and drop or copy the generated iTuens files to connected Nexus 7. After it is done, go to enjoy iTunes videos with new Nexus 7 freely.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Convert Blu-ray to Asus Google new Nexus 7 with 30% off Blu-ray Ripper

The new 2nd generation Nexus 7 with Android operating system is the tablet computer developed by Google together in conjunction with Asus. With 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 1920*1200 pixel display, stereo speakers and built-in inductive Qi wireless charging, it is considered as an ideal device for playing high definition movies. It would be amazing to watch Olympus Has Fallen on Nexus 7 2nd Gen together with your family and friends. Unfortunately, it cannot play Blu-ray directly. Want to play Olympus Has Fallen with Nexus 7 2nd Gen? Get the Blu-ray to new Nexus 7 converter with 30% off to help you to convert Blu-ray movie to Nexus 7 2nd Gen support format, to make Blu-ray playable on Nexus 7 2nd Gen.

Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is a professional tool for deal with Blu-ray. It can rip and convert latest DVD and Blu-ray including commercial Blu-ray with copyright protection like BD+, region code, etc. And a lot of videos formats are supported to output, so you are able to watch Blu-ray and DVD movies on your new Nexus 7 android tablet with best quality, or convert them to other tablets and smartphones including Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Nexus 4, iPad 3, iPhone 5, Kindle Fire HD, Surface RT/Pro, Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy S4, etc. as well as to upload them to YouTube or Facebook for sharing with friends. And CUDA acceleration will help to speed up the conversion. Get it to experience all the functions now. 

There are two versions:
How to rip and move DVD movies to Google's new Nexus 7 (2013)?

Step 1. Load blu-ray source.

Insert Blu-ray disc to your blu-ray drive and connect it to your computer. Then run the software to get it ready. Click “Load file” button on the top left to load blu-ray disc. You are also allowed to import ISO file and load from folder.

Few seconds will be taken for removing copyright protection and importing successfully. And a dialogue box will inform you the exact state of ripping progress.


Note: Since Blu-ray contains multiple audio and subtitle tracks, you can choose the one you need for output. Find Subtitle and Audio button on the main interface to select the desired one.

Step 2. Choose format for Nexus 7 2nd Gen.

Click Format menu you can find various video formats for many devices. Here you are recommended to choose “Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video (* mp4)” under “Android” catalogue. This option is specially designed for Nexus 7.

convert blu-ray to new nexus 7 

Note: If you need, you can adjust the parameters for output videos such as size, bitrate, channels, etc according to your requirements. Click “Settings” button to go to the dialogue box of profile settings.

new nexus 7 best quality

Remember the file size and video quality is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss. According to my experience, for watching Blu-ray movies on the new Nexus 7, 720p with 1500kbps~2000kbps (depending on the movie length) is just all right. 

Step 3. Convert Blu-ray to Asus Google new Nexus 7.

It’s time to start converting Blu-ray to Asus Google new Nexus 7. Go to “Browse” your computer to choose the folder for output videos and then click the big “Convert” button on to get started. When finished, hit “Open” button to get the generated file for Nexus 7.

More features of Blu-ray Ripper:

1. Directly Copy will help to backup the 100% intact blu-ray main movie and output an m2ts files with multiple audio and subtitle tracks for Blu-ray.

2. Full Disc Copy can 1:1 backup the entire Blu-ray with original structure and chapter markers.

3. Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper also supports converting Blu-ray/DVD movies and ISO/IFO image files for playing on iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, S4, S3, Note 2, Google Nexus 10, Nexus 4, Surface RT/Pro, Kindle Fire HD, etc.

Now go to enjoy Blu-ray with Nexus 7 2nd Gen.

And you could have have a look at Money Saving Software Bundles with special offer if you need more software for different videos, like ByteCopy($42) + Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) = Only $80, Save $27; ChewTune ($29) + Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) = Only $75, Save $19; Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) + DVD Creator($35)= Only 65$, Save $35; Blu-ray Ripper($49) + DVD Creator($35) = Only $49, Save $35, and so on. Find what you like and give a try on it.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Google Updates Platform Distribution Numbers Gingerbread Down To 38.5%, Jelly Bean Up To 28.4%

As usual Google has updated monthly platform distribution numbers for Android in its developer dashboard. The numbers, based on devices accessing the Play Store over the last 14 days (ending May 1st), tell developers which versions of Android are most prevalent, and which are on the decline.

This month, as last month, we're seeing a decline in Gingerbread and a rise in Jelly Bean. Gingerbread has dropped from 39.8% to 38.5%, a 1.3% drop for those keeping tally at home. Jelly Bean, meanwhile, has seen a slightly more substantial shift, rising 3.4% from 25% to 28.4%.

Elsewhere, the ebb and flow of version numbers is more or less expected. clair and Donut are grasping for dear life, sitting still at 1.7% and 0.1% respectively, Froyo has dropped a mere 0.3%, and Honeycomb has dropped another 0.1%. Ice Cream Sandwich, likewise, is down 1.8% to 27.5%. To see the numbers (and other useful info) hit the link below.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Google Now could soon be making its way to your desktop

Those of you with an Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich who were green with envy at your Android 4.1 brothers and sisters and their full access to Google Now, don’t let it get you down. It seems you might soon be able to still get in on some Google Now action on your desktop (at least it’s something, right?).



Some underlying code found buried in a Chrome extension developed by Google revealed the search giant’s plans to release Now for the desktop, bringing back some of that iGoogle functionality we all loved. References to “get started with Google Now,”  “just the right information at just the right time,” “Google Now uses your Home location to show relevant information like weather, traffic conditions, and nearby places,” and “now_card.” all make an appearance in the code (pictured above).

No word on an expected rollout, but this kinda stuff sounds perfect for a Google I/O announcement next month. What do you guys think, could your Google homepage better serve you after its been infused with the power of Google Now?

[via Google Operating System Blog]