Monday, January 12, 2015

Encode Canon EOS 7D Mark II to Apple Aperture 3

Let me show you around this article if you have no ideas of encoding Canon EOS 7D Mark II MP4 files to Apple Aperture 3.

If you are a professional video editor or a camera lover, you must hear of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera, right? With advanced and stable capacity of photo dispose, is has a good reputation in our hearts. While for Apple Aperture 3, it is not strange if you don’t know much about this guy, including the 4K files too. As we will have a talk on how to encode Canon EOS 7D Mark II MP4 files to Apple Aperture 3 for a further editing, let’s learn the introduction of Apple Aperture 3 for a first step. 

Apple Aperture 3---It gives your photography the professional treatment it deserves, with more sophisticated tools to perfect your images and powerful ways to browse and choose your best shots. And now that Aperture is optimized for the Mac Book Pro with Retina display, it’s a whole new way to see everything. From MP4 to MPG, which we all think the best one to work with Apple Aperture 3, we need the MP4 to Aperture 3 converter for Mac to make it available. This assistant can smoothly make various video formats to the compatible one to those NELs.

Just show me the conversion ways?
According to the instructions to install the program in a nice way, normally, you can click the ‘Add video’ for each video clips or ‘Add from folder’ to get the complete one. Drag your files in is not a bad an idea too! Especially for Apple Aperture 3, we here recommend you the ‘Adobe Premiere Pro/Sony Vegas’ for ‘MPEG-2 (*.mpg)’ as the best output.

Extract/remove Video/audio files at your needs? Back to the main interface, could you see the pencil case ‘Editor’? In any ways, most people will get here to adjust what they want. In this way, some people also call the program as ‘Tiny Editor’

Finally, go back to the main interface to find the 'Convert' button to get started. With no problems when editing Canon EOS 7D Mark II to Apple Aperture 3 for nice editing, just enjoy yourselves!