Friday, January 16, 2015

Make H.264 or XAVC MP4 Files Accepted by Final Cut Pro X

Wanna solve the problems of editing H.264 or XAVC MP4 files in Final Cut Pro X with no difficulties? Why not be a good reader in this article?

Summary: In the following article, maybe we can bring you some surprises if you are fond of HD videos. With popularity of newer codec, someone there must be confused with the trouble of importing these different codec format into popular editing software, such as Final Cut Pro X. So today what we are talking about is how to make H.264 or XAVC MP4 files smoothly edited in FCP X.

As a brief introduction of H.264 and XAVC MP4, it is the industry standardized format based on Apple Quicktime MOV with some additional extending features. It is commonly as acquisition and delivery format. However, what a pity is that the most commonly used in the MP4 container like h.264 and XAVC aren’t totally suitable for an non-linear editing environment like QuickTime, etc. FCP X is the typical one.

Expand knowledge: With the latest H.265 codec release out which has the higher quality and smaller size that H.264, do you wanna encode your H.264 toH.265 for more?

How can I import H.264 and XAVC MP4 into FCP X and edit with the best supported codec---Apple ProRes?
Well, From Apple Final Cut Pro X official page you will get the information that Final Cut Pro X best supported video format is Apple ProRes codec MOV format, once you convert MP4 to FCP X Apple ProRes format, you don"t need to render when you importing, and you can edit videos with native Apple ProRes codec. You just need a MP4 to FCP X converter now.

Best Mac MP4 to FCP X Converter that we need to handle this work well. In another way, we also call it Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac, which has the strong ability of converting incompatible formats to some popular editing tools easily, FCP X is surely included. 

Guide below we can learn to start our H.264 files to Final Cut Pro X ProRes MOV conversion:
Step 1. Free download  H.264/XAVC MP4 Video Converter for Mac from our website, install and run this MP4 to FCP X converter on your Mac computer. If you also want to convert MP4 files on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, you can also try the Windows version.

Step 2. Choose output format, to convert MP4 to FCP X ProRes file, you can click and choose Final Cut Pro -> Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov), this is best codec for Final Cut Pro X/7/6 editing, once converted MP4 to this codec, you won’t have any importing or editing problems. Other ProRes Codec types you can also have a try here.

Step 3. Advanced settings and edit you may like here.
What I need to remind you is this program also has offered powerful customization feature, you can adjust the video and audio parameter by clicking "Settings". Click "Edit", you can trim, crop the MP4 video on Mac. Any adjustment you can hava a try here on your own. 

Step 4. Start your conversion to get the ProRes MOV files as output.
Click ‘Convert’ button to start MP4 to FCP X conversion. This MP4 to FCP X Converter will convert H.264/XAVC S/XAVC MP4 to Apple ProRes codec MOV format with best video and audio quality, when the MP4 to FCP X Apple ProRes codec conversion finished, you can load the converted files to Final Cut Pro X and edit natively, just take a free try now!

Tips: If you are not similar with Final Cut Pro X, never mind, here is an article that can help you transfer your files to FCP X freely. What’s more, after the strict test, this converting program can support the latest Mac OS X operation Yosemite well.

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