Monday, November 10, 2014

Rip and Backup DVD on Windows 10 or Mac Yosemite? Solved!

How can I rip or backup DVD on Windows 10 or Mac Yosemite? Any effiective solutions would be nice and I’m will be appreciate.

Individual talking of Windows 10 and Mac Yosemite.
Windows 10, the latest solution to Windows operating system announced not long time ago by Microsoft. With the multi functional items and faster operation, it evaluates a lot. While for Mac Yosemite, also named OS X 10.10, refers to the 2014 version of exclusively unveiled at WWDC 2014 permitted to perform on Mac computer by Apple Inc, after OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Therein sense, the existing Mac user is able to user brand new functions for free. Actually, Apple has recently confirmed how the next version of OS X will probably be designed for registered developers.

However, every coin has two sides. Also, Windows 10 and Mac Yosemite are included. So if you are fond of DVD movies and want to rip DVD on Windows 10 or Mac Yosemite, for some part, you will get nothing but fail miserably, for you know, the ordinary DVD rippers are not compatible with two operations. Here we may get some solutions below.

Any excellent DVD ripper to make it possible?
After testing, it is luckily that we have found the top-ranking DVD ripper, DVDAid for Windows or Mac, which has the capacity of working with Windows 10 and Mac 10.10. This program will impress you at its thunder lighting speed and untouched high quality. Individual conversion steps for Windows and Mac are allowed here:

As usual, just load your DVD movies from ROM, ‘ISO/IFO’ icon to import original files and this ripper can choose the main DVD titles for you immediately. While for Windows version, go to the ‘Common Video’ for ‘H.264 Video (*.mp4)’ as the best, like the following screenshot allowed:

On the other hand, especially for Mac version, surely you can take the steps above, but if you wanna other changes, you can also find them here for Mac devices such like ‘iPad’, ‘iPhone’ ,etc. They can work well with Mac OS X 10.10 in other ways.

Tips here: Please remember the video size based more on bitrates the resolution which means bitrates higher results in big file size and lower visible quality loss.

If you have got all the preparation done, click the ‘Convert’ to start your work on the main interface. For how long you need to wait? It depends on the configuration and situation of your computer, as well as the output format you choose. Wish you a nice day!