Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rip the Star Wars Trilogy Series Blu-ray to MPEG-2 HD Video on PC/Mac

With the coming of the Star Wars Trilogy Series Blu-ray, is there any ideas of ripping them to MPEG-2 HD Video on PC/Mac for watching?

Surprise! Have you ever watched the Star Wars Trilogy series I, II, III blu-ray in a super high quality? Are you guys all Star Wars Trilogy fans? Actually we were fond of the science fiction movie since our childhood, right? It’s no doubt that the classical film can bring us different feelings at this time. Now we got the question, how can we watch Star Wars Trilogy Series Blu-ray with high definition on our media players?

For searching the most HD videos online you won’t miss the HD Video (*.mpg) which is encoded by MPEG-2---the most suitable HD video formats for common media players. So if you have not got a Blu-ray to HD Video Converter for Mac/Windows, we here introduce you to have a try.

Tips: If you are Jurassic Park Fans, you won’t miss the 3D Blu-ray enjoyment in this way.

Download the program and load the files from ‘Load form folder’ or ‘Load from ISO/IFO’. For the HD video as the output, on the ‘Format’ list, tap the ‘HD Video’ and select the ‘MPEG-2 HD Video (*.mpg)’we mentioned above. Just like the following screenshot allowed:

Also, in the ‘format’ list, you can click the ‘Copy’ icon to directly copy BD or DVD titles as files to disc. Remember what you copy is the main clips of the movie so if you want entire copy, just click the ‘copy’ item on the main interface.

Finally, you can adjust your ‘video size’, ‘frame rate’ or ‘bitrates’, even the audio channel in the ‘Settings’. To take back your childhood memories of Star Wars Trilogy, it’s not a bad choice. Just enjoy yourselves!