Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Comprehensive Way to Edit F5/F55 Footage in FCP, Avid and Premiere

 Cause the videos output by Sony F5/F55 can’t be suitable for most non-linear editing software such as FCP, Avid or Premiere, Come here to find out the solutions!

If you ask me how to edit your video files in FCP,Avid  and Premiere individually, I may tell something like plug-ins to do you a favor..

Sony has updated their Content Browser v2.0, which is a piece of software used to play back and download clips off their original media. The F5 & F55 record to SxS cards, so you’ll need a Sony SxS card reader, Echo Thunderbolt Card reader, or a computer equipped with an ExpressCard 34 slot to start. Make sure you download the latest SxS drivers from Sony’s website and keep in mind that the F5/F55 formats cards in exFAT, which a universal format for both Mac and PC. Website From

FCP-mpeg-2 importing. Now open up Final Cut Pro and go to File Menu -> Import -> Sony Content Browser. This will launch Content Browser 

Next, open the Preferences window in Content Browser and look for the FCP tab 

Select Final Cut Pro 7 from the drop down box, and choose a path for where you want the MOV versions of the clips to be created 


This will open a new window where you can choose any open FCP 7 project as a destination for your clip. 

XAVC Importing.

To import into FCP 7, simply choose File -> Import and locate the original MXF files from the camera. 

When you import XAVC Clips, you’ll get an error that says “The following media files are not optimized for Final Cut Pro.” This means they may not edit easily. 


On my Retina Display MacBook Pro they play OK, you can use Compressor to convert these same files to ProRes or whatever else you want to edit in.   


Furthermore, If you are now looking for a comprehensive way to answer this question about importing footage in three editors together, you can take this following paper as a reference
How wonderful it is if there is a F5/F55 video converter can change the footage into the best formats that accepted by FCP, Avid and Premiere. Fortunately, we have already found that! Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac, designed to transcode  various HD videos and output NLE supported video formats. What’s more, it can also edit or create personal videos. Can’t wait to have a try? Here are some specific steps for you:

Step 1. Load your footage in F5/F55 video converter with ‘Add video’ or ‘Add From Folder’


Step 2.Choose you own output format to three editors, Apple ProRes codec 422 to FCP, DNxHD MOV to Avid and WMV (VC-1)(*.wmv) to Premiere.

Step 3. Additional ‘Editor’ to make some editing if you need. More details about this item, you can click here.


Step 4. ‘Settings’ about your output videos.


Finally, ‘Convert’ to get start.

A perfect converter for you to edit footage whatever in FCP, Avid or Premiere. So you won’t get worries about it anymore.

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