Thursday, September 25, 2014

Work Panasonic HD MTS Files with iPad or Apple TV Well

Today we are here to have a hot topic on how to work Panasonic HD MTS files with iPad and Apple TV well in an efficient way.
If you got a hobby of taking home videos with some portable cameras, it’s a nice enjoyment when you watch your recordings on tablets or devices, such as iPad and Apple TV. Two guys which can play indoor or outside. Let me show you an example:

‘Hello, everybody! When we have family meetings or outdoor activities, I’m used to recording HD home videos with a Panasonic HD camera and use a NAS for storage. Cause the recordings are MTS files so as you know, they can’t work well with my iPad or Appple TV. I will be appreciate if there are any solutions to convert MTS to M4V files with original HD effects too.’

For searching online with the key words’ MTS Converter’, surely there are a few professional converting tools. But do you observe that HD MTS Video Converter is the best one which has been estimated well. Just with the simplicity of the UI and over more versatile videos offered, it is popular among videographers.

Before we introduce some main steps of how to convert MTS files to M4V videos with HD retained, here are two additional items you deserve to know.

Tip 1. For Windows users, we can save much time for waiting your conversion, Why? Get into the ‘Options’ and you will see the ‘Acceleration’ choice. Click it if you are in a hurry.

Tip2.Extra ‘Editor’ for those advanced users. Open the pencil icon to walk into another interface. ‘Trim’ to make the suitable length of you output video. ‘Crop’ to cut off unwanted clips. You can also add some ‘Subtitles’ to explain something to the audience.

Main steps of converting the Panasonic MTS files to HD M4V are showed here. For a first step, add your MTS files with ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’. Then come to the most important point, choose the best format, click ‘Format’ list to find the item’ Apple TV’>>’Apple TV H.264 M4V(*.m4v). For iPad, ‘iPad’>>’iPad Video H.264 (*.mp4). Don’t know clear how to transfer videos from iTunes to iPad? Open here to get the answer.

Oh, almost forget to mention the ‘Settings’ button for you! For more video size, frame rate, bitrates or even audio channels. You can have a try here. Like the picture below:

For all iPad or Apple TV fans, if this guide helps you a lot, please leave us some comments below. Thanks a lot.