Thursday, September 11, 2014

Import Canon XF305/XF300 MXF to Apple Aperture 3 with multi-track

You may know canon xf305 or xf 300 serious camera, but do you know how to import this footage to Apple Aperture with multi-track for editing?

MXF---exists around ourselves!For all to know that MXF format footage has been widely used in some popular camera serious, for example:
Panasonic: AG-HVX200, HVX-203, HPX170/171, HPX2000, HPX-2100, etc.
Canon: XF100, XF105, XF300, XF305, C300, C500
Sony: PMW-350, PMW-320, PMW-100, PDW510, PDW-700, PDW-F800, PMW-500, PMW-200, PMW-160, etc.
To learn more about MXF, you can open here.

Do you know Multi-track?
is a method of sound recording that allows for the separate recording of multiple sound sources to create a cohesive whole. Multi-track became possible with the idea of simultaneously recording different audio channels to separate discrete "tracks" on the same tape.

Apple Aperture 3---works with a wide varity of videos formats, but not all QuickTime-compatible video formats are supported. It gives your photography the professional treatment it deserves, with more sophisticated tools to perfect your images and powerful ways to browse and choose your best shots. And now that Aperture is optimized for the Mac Book Pro with Retina display, it’s a whole new way to see everything.

Can we combine three guys together with MXF multi-track converter?
I don’t know if there are any MXF plug-ins that can change MXF videos into multi-track footage for editing in Apple Aperture 3. But I have actually found an efficient MXF Multi-track to Apple Aperture Converter for Mac to make our dreams come true.  It provides your requirements for preserving and mixing MXF multi-tracks/channels, converting MXF video files to popular formats for professional editing in editing programs.

Let’s start using MXF multi-track video converter!

Like the other common video converters, we need to load our Canon MXF files in iMixMXF with two buttons, ‘Add videos’ or ‘ Add from folder’. Then the most important point is choose the multi-track item for converting MXF to multi-track MOV, which is best supported by Apple Aperture 3.’Muti-track Video’>>’Multi-track MOV(*.mov). See the photo below:

Before you start your conversion, we can also click the ‘Settings’ for some other choices. Like the Video Size, Bitrates, Frame Rate, etc.

Additional Tip: What you unexpected for this MXF Multi-track Converter is that it also has the ‘3D Video’ function. It can Convert 2D MXF to 3D video formats in MKV/MP4/MOV/WMV/AVI with Side-by-Side, Top-Bottom, or Anaglyph 3D effect. To enjoy your 3D MXF video files at home cinema. Just change the step like this below.

Actually, I didn’t show all the features MXF multi-track converter has, just waiting for you to explore here.

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