Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Work DJI Inspire 1 4K Videos with Adobe Premiere Pro

What would you do to work with the DJI Inspire 1 4K videos in Adobe Premiere Pro? How can I solve the problems if I was failed in importing DJI Inspire 1 4K videos? This post aims to teach you how to freely import the DJI Inspire 1 4K footage to Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.

"I am doing some inspire 1 4K video editing, I see my desktop is very powerful, however, when I palyback the video in Premiere, it's very choppy, and not easy to do the editing. Does any pros have any idea on 4K in Premiere workflow? Much appreciated!"

Frankly speaking, it is not easy to solve the problems when you wann edit your 4K videos in NLEs. Due to the supported formats for Premiere Pro, we cannot directly inhest DJI 4K footage to Adobe PPro. On the other hand especially for 4K, we have to say we need some other third-party tools to resize the 4K files to 1080p on Mac/PC there.

If you actually wanna edit the DJI Inspire 1 4K videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, just convert the DJI 4K to MPEG-2 is the necessary step. Thus, Pavtube Video Converter for Windows (Mac version) is highly recommended to you! This strong program can convert almost all 4K footage to be suitable for most hot NLEs like FCP, iMovie, Avid MC, or some media player for playback etc. What’s more, we can adjust the output videos so nicely with its’ functional items. Let’s have more details.

How to Convert DJI Inspire 4K videos to MPEG-2 for Adobe Premiere Pro?
Step 1: Click "Add" button on the top of the main interface to load original DJI Inspire 4K videos to the program. Or you can simply drag&drop the videos to the software.

Step 2. Go to "Format" pull down list to select Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas> MPEG-2(*.mpg) as the best video format for Premiere Pro. WMV, MOV formats in this column are the good choices as well.

Tip: Click the "Settings" button, you are able to enter the "Profile Settings" panel to adjust video and audio parameters for the converted files, including video size, bit rate, frame rate and more.

Step 3: Tap the Convert button to start transcoding DJI Inspire 4K MP4/MOV to MPEG-2 for Adobe Premiere Pro.

As soon as you get the output videos from this program, we are glad to find the generated videos via "Open" button. Now, we would like to tell you to transfer the footage to Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.

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