Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let’s Get the Best Perian Alternative for QuickTime on Mac Yosemite

Meet troubles in playing various videos on QuickTime in Mac OS X Yosemite with the QuickTime’s third-party tool Perian? Let’s find some alternative ones below.

With the latest Mac operation OS X Yosemite operation released out, most Mac users have noticed that they cannot so easily play movies on QuickTime with Perian Plugins, right? In the following article, we can get the best perian alternative for another choice for Mac Yosemite QuickTime. Let’s move on!

Hi guys there, it’s indeed a piece of bad news that the development team of the Perian plug-in for QuickTime has no longer maintained on this product. It brings you lots of trouble. You suddenly fail to play AVI, FLV, WMV, and MKV etc in QuickTime in Mac OS X, even when updating to Mountain Lion, Mavericks or Yosemite. On the other hand, someone there may think the VLC Player could do this work well. Actually VLC is not a bad choice but if you strongly would like to play your AVI or other movies on QuickTime, the best Perian alternative tool is offered here for you! For various camera videos?

You must know the answer right? Yes! Pavtube Video Converter for Mac, which is the best perian alternative one for QuickTime in Mac Yosemite operation. (Windows version)With this, you are able to play .MKV AVI, WMV, and other media file format on Yosemite. All you have to do is to convert your video files to any format that is compatible and playable on QuickTime. In order to do this, just download and install the Mac QuickTime Video Converter to get started.

Main steps you should know better t work this program well for Yosemite on QuickTime:
After launching this QuickTime Player Converter, you could just drag the media files from where it is saved and drop it to the program with ‘Add video’ and ‘Add from folder’. 

Next, there are so many different output formats you can make as one best, here especially for QuickTime on Mac, we suggest to choose the ‘Common Video’>>’MOV-QuickTime (*.mov)’ as the best. For other videos, you can find all of them on the output list.

Optional choices we may like here, after we have chose the right choice as the output for QuickTime, ‘Edit’ on the main interface you may pay much attention to. For example, you can cut the unwanted clips with ‘Trim’ or get rid of the edges with ‘Crop’. Or with the ‘Subtitles’, we can easily add some explanations with ourselves.

Notes: After we tested, this Mac Video Converter can work well with all the Mac operations, also including the Mac Yosemite and Mavericks.

Finally, just click the big red button called ‘Convert’, with a high conversion speed, we can watch the output movies on QuickTime for a nice enjoyment. Any other suggestions you can leave some comments blow.