Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Enjoy YouTube Videos with QuickTime on Mac

Meet any trouble in downloading YouTube videos and enjoying on QuickTime on Mac? Let’s find some solutions here!

As there are millions of YouTube fans, they are fond of watching funny or meaningful videos online or on handle devices. How exactly does YouTube attract us in a general way? We browse it to seek for the videos that attract us, to collect some sort of information happened around us or to find the resources for our works, etc. On the other hand, as the usual FLV format which got by YouTube, for most Mac users, it seems some trouble are coming soon.

‘I’ve used Mac operation for a long time, recently I found some documentary films on YouTube and I love them so much so I downloaded them on my computer but in any case, I can’t play them on QuickTime. Sometimes there will be a ‘unsupported’ warning showed on screen, how could I do that ? Thanks for your advice!’

For QuickTime only supports a few formats such like MP4 and MOV, so here it is so necessary for us to own YouTube to QuickTime Converter for Mac to get rid of the trouble. Briefly comparing to other third-party tools, it is stable and also with a lot of output choices. Would you like to have a try?

Tips: Even for the latest Mac operation OS X 10.10(Yosemite), it can work well.

If you have free downloaded from the official website, please load your original files by ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’, also, you can directly drag them in this program. To choose the right output for QuickTime, just follow my steps. Tap the ‘Common Video’ on the output list, just seek the ‘H.264 Video (*.mp4)’ as your best.

For some advanced users, to watch YouTube videos with a nice enjoyment, in ‘Settings’ button, you can get more. Do you believe that? Such like video size, bitrates, frame rate, etc, just set them in appropriately.

For other related guides about YouTube, you can read them below or after you have done all the preparation, you can click the ‘Convert’ as an end. Welcome to leave us some comments here.