Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tivo to AVI-Encode TiVo shows to AVI for playback on Windows 8

Probably you are in same dilemma of finding recorded TiVo files not so easy to play back and edit as common video files when you transfer your recorded shows by TiVo to your Windows 8 PC. How to fix this? There is one, that is to convert your TiVo recordings to something more common for your Windows 8 desktop or laptop. Pavtube TiVo to AVI Video Converter is a handy tool to help you complete this in shortest time and perfect quality. Meanwhile, it is capable of cutting ads clips off, trimming and cropping video clips, and putting your shows in your pocket and take them with you. TiVo files are well supported by Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate and can be en-decoded fast and properly. It will generate various container formats encoded with MPEG, H.264, Divx, Xvid, etc. This guide shares with you how to convert TiVo recordings to Divx AVI for playback on Windows 8 step-by-step.

Step One. Transfer recorded TV shows to your PC.

In the first place, you got to transfer shows from your TiVo DVR to your PC. TiVo Desktop software for the PC is required, and you can access the instructions on how to transfer TiVo file to PC from their website.

Step Two. Run Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate and load TiVo files.

Pavtube offers free trial version of TiVo Video Converter for you to evaluate the software. So just go ahead, download and install Pavtube TiVo to AVI Converter (30% off to celebrate Mother's Day continues till May 22) and try it out!

Launch the utility and here pops up an intuitive interface. Click "Add Video" or "Add from folder" to load recorded TiVo TV shows, or you just drag the files in. When first loading, Pavtube TiVo to AVI Converter will ask you to input your Media Access Key. Simply enter your Media Access Key, and click "OK" to confirm.

 TiVo shows to AVI for playback on Windows 8
Step Three. Crop out unwanted edges and trim off ads

Click on "Edit" menu to enter editor panel where you could edit selected files. "Crop" feature allows you to cut off unwanted black edges, while "Trim" feature enables you to select specific length of video and convert it to specified format. Just drag the slider or input start time and end time.

Step Four. Set output format and A/V settings.

In order to encode TiVo shows to DivX AVI, you can click on "Format" bar and follow either "Common Video -> Divx AVI" or "HD Video -> Divx AVI". Next specify location for generated files in "Output" box. To adjust video and audio parameters like codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, you could click on "Settings" button.

Step Five. Convert TiVo files to AVI Divx on Windows 8. Go!

Now it comes to the final click. Click "Convert" button and wait. The View Log will present you all the info such as conversion progress, conversion state, elapsed and estimated conversion time, and generated and estimated conversion file size. You may check "Shut down computer after conversion" and leave it be.

Why choose Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Software?

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is a very powerful all-in-one BDMagic + DVDAid + Video Converter as well as editor, with super fast conversion speed.

You can use the software to convert Blu-ray/DVD movies and virtually any audio and video files formats for playback on most popular devices including all Android Tablets/Phones, Windows 8 Tablets/Phones, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Zune, PSP, Pocket PC, Creative Zen, and Archos, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Avid Media Composer and so on. It also makes it super simple to output to a mobile device.

It is the Best Video Converter Ultimate that can convert different file formats like MKV, AVI, VOB, MPG, Tivo, WMV, MOV, MP4, VRO, EVO, FLV, F4V and even convert video to Youtube friendly format or convert downloaded Youtube to video with best image and sound quality without causing you any audio and video out of sync issues. It even has the tools to trim certain video clips, crop black bars, add watermarks, change brightness, choose special effects, specify aspect ratio, and more.

Backup Blu-ray 3D movies to 3D/2D video files like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, etc.

Another feature of the program is that it supports NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream (AMD APP) acceleration technologies.

Meanwhile, you can check out this review by Comparing the 5 Best Video Converter Ultimate.

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2013 Mother's Day Bes Gifts: 30% OFF Blu-ray/DVD Ripper, 30% OFF Ultimate Converter from Pavtube

Surprising!!! Happy Mother's Day 2013! Pavtube Facebook Offer 30% Discount Coupon for 2013 Mother's Day

2013 Mother's Day is coming soon! If your mom like watching 1080p Blu-ray movies, DVD movies or all kinds of videos (such as: MKV, AVI, TV Shows, WMV, Flash videos, etc.) on her Tablet or Phone? Do you think what is most appropriate gift? Guessed it! A Blu-ray Ripper, DVD Ripper tool or a Video Converter Ultimate and a iMedia Converter for Mac is the Hottest Gifts for Mother's Day 2013 for your mom. These Video/Movie Converters can help your mom to convert Blu-ray/DVD collections, MKV, AVI, VOB, Tivo, Flash Videos etc. to her tablet or phone support playback formats for watching anytime and anywhere.

From May 8 to May 22, 2013. Pavtube FaceBook put into effect a Special Offer as the 2013 Mother's Day Special Gifts for your Mom, Up to 30% discount has arrived! We offer a 30% discount coupon in return! Click "2013 Mother's Day Coupon Code", you will get the most useful and powerful Video Movie Converter on Windows or Mac:

1. 30% OFF BDMagic for Windows or Mac (Save $16)

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4. 30% OFF iMedia Converter for Mac - Save $20

Happy Mother's Day 2013!

Monday, May 6, 2013

How to make a Copy of a DVD on Mac OS X Lion/Mountain Lion with freeware

Summary: If you want to backup/copy non-protected/protected DVDs to hard drive, hard disk, or copy DVD to a new DVD disc on Mountain Lion, there is a great Pavtube DVD Creator and DVD Ripper for Mountain Lion for you. 

When faced with the necessity of making a copy of an unprotected DVD disc, Mac users should not worry--Mac OS X makes it simple. The built-in Disk Utility can easily back up/save a DVD movie to disk image (.cdr) file and make additional burns at a later date. If you want to take full advantage of your lightening speed DVD-ROM so as to shorten the burning process, go ahead to get Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac that lets you create/copy a DVD three to five times faster. 

Part One: How to make a Copy of a DVD (unprotected) on Mac OS X Lion/Mountain Lion

What you need: Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac, DVD writer, blank disc (DVD-5/DVD-9)

1. Place the DVD that you want to copy into the Mac.

2. Connect a DVD writer to Mac with blank disc in it. 

3. Run the DVD Creator for Mac from Applications. Select "Quick Burn" from drop-down menu of Quick Start button.

4. In the pop-up window, check "From DVD folder".

5. Browse to the source DVD, choose it. 

6. Press "Burn" button. And the DVD maker software should start copying DVD movie to the blank disc. In this way you can make a 1:1 copy of self-created DVD. 

More features of Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac:
  • Burn DVD folder/ISO image/various video formats to DVD on Mac 
  • Create high quality DVDs from AVI, MKV, WMV, MXF, MOV, DivX, XviD, MP4, VOB, M2TS, MTS, TIVO and many other video files(Free Burn AVI, MKV, MP4 to DVD on Mac)
  • Create Slide Show DVD with photos and music you designed 
  • Customize DVD with eye-catching DVD menus, edit video effect and clip video to burn DVD movie 
  • Burn movies and TV shows to DVD for backup or sharing easily and quickly
Keep in mind that these directions are only for copying DVDs that do not have any form of copy protection encoded on them. To make a duplicate of commercial DVD, you'll first need Pavtube DVDAid for Mac software to crack and archive the whole DVD directory to hard drive.

Part Two: How to make a Copy of a commercial DVD on Mac OS X Lion/Mountain Lion

What you need: Pavtube DVD Ripper for Mac, Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac, DVD writer, blank disc (DVD-5/DVD-9)

If you have at hand a great number of DVD movie collections, there's good chance that you wanna backup DVD movies to blank DVD discs so as to still take the copy out even if the original disc is broken or out of use. What frustrated is that copyright protection prevents DVD burning apps from copying the DVD movies. That's where DVD Ripper come in – by cracking CSS+ and region code restriction it turns commercial DVDs into fair-use movies. Follow the guide below to rip a DVD into VIDEO_TS folder without making change of the original files

1. Place the DVD that you want to copy into the Mac.

2. Run Pavtube DVD Ripper for Mac, click "DVD ROM" to hack protections and load movies.

3. Click the small folder icon in Output field to specify an output location on your hard drive. Make sure there is enough free space for the DVD VIDEO_TS folder.

4. When the movie is loaded, press "Copy" button to start backing up DVD folder onto your Mac hard drive

Tip: DVDs have a number of copy prevention mechanisms. When you rip the DVD, you strip off those mechanisms but copy the rest of the video unadulterated. This means that the ripped DVD will take up as much space as the files on the DVD itself.

Once the process complete, you can click "Open" to find the free-region VIDEO_TS folder, which contains VOB streams, as well as IFO and BUP files. You can easily import the copied VIDEO_TS folder to Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac and make a duplicate copy. 

More features of Pavtube DVD Ripper for Mac:
Read More:

Friday, May 3, 2013

iOS 7 To Get New Design

Apple are expected to unveil the next major version of their mobile OS, iOS 7 at their world wide developer conference in June, and now according to a recent report, Apple’s iOS 7 is set to get a new design over iOS 6.

The new design for iOS 7 is said to change the look and feel of the mobile OS, and the interface will apparently change to a more flatter look with a simpler look, the project is apparently been overseen by Apple’s Jony Ive.

It will be interesting to see what this new design for iOS 7 looks like, the design for Apple’s mobile OS has remained unchanged in terms of the overall look since it was first introduced back in 2007, it has seen minor updates since then.

We are looking forward to seeing a range of new features in iOS 7, as soon as we get some more details on exactly what will be included we will let you guys know.

Source Cnet

Samsung Unveils 7-Inch Galaxy Tab 3, with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Samsung has officially unveiled the new 7-inch tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It will be available from the month of May with the WiFi model, followed in June, with the release form also includes 3G connectivity. The device has been designed for maximum portability, given the small size and a frame that allows easy handling with one hand only and convenient storage in your pocket or purse. There are no known official information yet on price.

The idea, however, is that a product will be very much in economic as the differences with the predecessor are minimal: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is in fact the same 7-inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and a density of 169 ppi, fueled by a dual-core processor 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. The internal memory is now available in two versions: an 8GB, the other 16 GB, in both cases cards expandable via microSD up to 64 GB of additional. Technical features that include connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, A-GPS + GLONASS and operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The battery is 4000 mAh while the dimensions are equal to 111.1 x 188.0 x 9.9 mm, all for a total weight of 302 (WiFi) or 306 grams (3G).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 finally also includes a dual cameras: a rear 3-megapixel camera and a 1.3 megapixel front. From the point of view of software and services is provided throughout the portfolio weblog with Samsung Kies, Kies Air, Hub and ChatOn products and various applications such as Google Search, Gmail, Play Store, Plus, YouTube, Talk, Maps and Now.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Google Updates Platform Distribution Numbers Gingerbread Down To 38.5%, Jelly Bean Up To 28.4%

As usual Google has updated monthly platform distribution numbers for Android in its developer dashboard. The numbers, based on devices accessing the Play Store over the last 14 days (ending May 1st), tell developers which versions of Android are most prevalent, and which are on the decline.

This month, as last month, we're seeing a decline in Gingerbread and a rise in Jelly Bean. Gingerbread has dropped from 39.8% to 38.5%, a 1.3% drop for those keeping tally at home. Jelly Bean, meanwhile, has seen a slightly more substantial shift, rising 3.4% from 25% to 28.4%.

Elsewhere, the ebb and flow of version numbers is more or less expected. clair and Donut are grasping for dear life, sitting still at 1.7% and 0.1% respectively, Froyo has dropped a mere 0.3%, and Honeycomb has dropped another 0.1%. Ice Cream Sandwich, likewise, is down 1.8% to 27.5%. To see the numbers (and other useful info) hit the link below.

iPhone 5S, Launch set for July?

Although Apple continues to deny the presence of a new iPhone at WWDC 2013 that ensures you will speak only of software, the rumors do not stop and even indicate a supposed launch date for the next smartphone from Cupertino. From the French portal NoWhereElsecomes in fact a photograph depicting an alleged stolen list belonging to the telephone operator Japanese KDDI, which is not only confirmed the existence of an iPhone 5S, but even a date of delivery to the carrier : June 20th, a few days after the WWDC 2013 for a launch on the market ready for July. For the moment there are no indications as to the authenticity of the document, but it did the presence at the event would surely be granted.

Apple has in fact indicated that the WWDC 2013 was organized to speak mainly of software, which has convinced many fans and experts who basically will really like this: iOS 7 is in fact the first step towards a big revolution in software for all apple devices bitten , so many have thought that the event does not host any presentation hardware, because this time the U.S. giant wants to stake everything on the next version of the operating system.

This news puts everything at stake: Apple, moreover, could not fail in its attempt to revolutionize the ecosystem that has created from software , but at the same time launching a new hardware to serve as a forerunner to the future of iOS. 5S iPhone could therefore be a smartphone does not have big news from the aesthetic point of view and at the same time, however, surprising fans of the bitten apple with the revolution provided with iOS 7. All that remains is to wait and see if it is really so.